Thursday, July 3, 2014

Box Turtles

We had an unexpected little treat come to visit us the other day.  A cute little box turtle came to lay her eggs by our front porch steps.  My hubby and A were on their way out the door when they spotted her.

She laid several eggs, covered them back up, and went on her merry way.  We haven't studied turtles before so I thought this was a great opportunity!

We'll be following the progress and will post more as time goes on.  In the meantime, here's a few educational tidbits....

Box turtles are found in a variety of locations throughout the Eastern United States and some other areas (see below).  They are typically terrestrial which means they live on land as opposed to water. However, they can occasionally be found soaking in a puddle.

Box turtles like a variety of things to eat:  mushrooms, grapes, berries, and other fruits, and will occasionally eat a worm, slug, or insect.  They live long lives - up to 50 years or more!  Females nest in the summer and will typically lay three to eight eggs.  Our little turtle (above) is shown "excavating" her nest.

Male box turtles typically have red eyes!

Check out some more cool facts about box turtles here!


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