Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New Homeschool Journey

It's been some time.... ok, a really long time.... but we're back and starting a new homeschool journey.  Our last child, "A", has been in public and private schools for the last four years since Kindergarten.  Now, we're at a point where we're able to bring her home to educate her.  So, our journey begins and Alfabet Soup is reborn.

I'll start by introducing you to us....

This is "A".....

We're heavily involved in Girl Scouts and this was a trip to the Georgia Aquarium recently.  She was reading about the Pacific Reef.  Here's a great live cam of the Pacific Reef, in case you're interested:  click here (oh, LOOK!  There's a Dori fish!) A is the last of our five children.  It's almost like starting over as our other kids are now adults and off on their own.  Our homeschooling adventures with her should be quite interesting....I've always said she's a little ball of dynamite - she is all four of the other kids wrapped up into one little kid.  She definitely has her own mind - and likes to tell others what's on it!

This is me....

Homeschool mom of five, Girl Scout leader, advocate for women and children's issues, and full-time college student.  For the past several years I've been very interested in helping the fight against human trafficking.  I'm also a Pinterest junkie, I admit.  Lots of great ideas on there! 

I would love to connect with other homeschoolers!  I'm always looking for great ideas - aren't we all?!  I'm looking forward to meeting other homescoolers through their blogs.  All the ones I knew before have grown children now! 

Thanks for stopping by!  Can't wait to see what this new journey has in store!


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