Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Our Classroom! On The Cheap!

During our previous 12 years of homeschooling we never had a separate room that we used for a classroom.  We used the dining room and the kitchen table.  We were completely fine with that.  Now, however, we're in a different house that has a finished basement that we're able to use as both an office (hubby works from home) and a classroom!  We're so thrilled about this!

This is the beginning.  We're doing things on the cheap for now.  We're searching for the perfect table but for now we're using a long fold-up table and a long wooden door set on two tv tray stands.  It actually gives us a lot of work space and I love it.  Since we're renting this house until we buy sometime next year (we recently moved back to the Atlanta area) we are trying not to put nails in the walls to hang stuff so the white board is held by an easel in the corner.  The maps are are hung with the sticky adhesive stuff.

I needed a place to store our MANY maps that we purchased.  I didn't want to keep them folded away.  We hung them in the closet where we're keeping most of our supplies.  This works quite well for our needs.

"A" has decided she doesn't want to wait another three weeks to start school.  I'm still doing some planning but I've been giving her some busy work to do.  By the way, she dressed herself this morning after her bath - hence the mismatched top and skirt.  But, she's got her trusted companion, Sofie, to help her with those vocabulary words.

We're still working on some storage and other things but those will come.  I love to get ideas for homeschool spaces from Pinterest.  I'd love to see your homeschool room!  


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