Thursday, August 6, 2015

Terrible Blogger!

I have to admit - I'm a terrible blogger.  I have the greatest intentions of keeping up with it and I usually have a lot of great ideas.  Getting it from my head to the screen, however, is another matter entirely.  I see all these really, super cool blogs out there from really, super cool bloggers and I wonder, "how do they do it?" 

If you scroll down a bit you'll notice my last post was, like, over a year ago!  But hey, I had really good intentions.....

So, I'm testing myself to see if I can keep it up this year.  We're always crazy busy but I'm a scheduler - I like to schedule things.  Having a schedule is good.  For me.  For my sanity.  We're homeschoolers so that alone takes up a lot of time.  But we're also a BIG Girl Scout family.  I have a very active troop with a lot of very active girls.  I also help support my hubby (I don't even want to think about HIS schedule because that makes me have heart palpatations!).

Just give me some chocolate and it will be ok....

Stay tuned..... 


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