Thursday, August 13, 2015

10 Things I believe

I don't know about you but I love seeing (or reading about) what others are doing or what they are interested in.  I think it's that insatiable human curiosity that drives us to wonder about others.   That's why we spend countless hours on social media, right?  People are actually curious about us, too.  Imagine that.

So, in light of that....   here are 10 things that I believe (in case you were curious).

I believe that lists are good!  I'm a lister, a scheduler, a planner.  Lists help me stay on track and keep me organized.  You know that proverbial "box" that everyone tells you think outside of?  Well, I LIKE the box!  Don't get me wrong, though.  I do like jumping outside of it now and then.

I believe Fall is the best season.  I love Fall.  Fall is beautiful.  The weather turns cool.  There is no more mugginess or knats!  The leaves turn all sorts of bright colors.  Fall is when the comfort food comes out - soups, stews, chilis.   I love sitting on my front porch in my wooden swing (ok, I would if I had one) and sipping a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.  Oh, yes.  Fall is good.

I believe integrity is the best character trait.  If you have integrity, everything else will fall into place.
I believe you get more with sugar than with vinegar.  It's not always to easy to keep my mouth shut or to say something nice.  In fact, it sometimes goes against the very grain of my being.  However, I've found this to be true more often than not!

However, a good bout of temper is healthy.  Let's face it - a good temper tantrum does us good sometimes.   As long as no one gets hurt, of course!  

I believe juicing is a great health benefit.  I've proven this to myself and to my husband who was skeptical at first.  We love juicing and how it makes us feel!

You must love yourself first.  I had to learn this the hard way.  It took me many years to figure it out but once I did interesting things started to happen in my life.  Sometimes I forget but I always go back to it!  It's SO important!

You must treat yourself now and then.  I'm not just talking about chocolate here (although that's always a good method)!  I'm talking about whatever it is that brings peace to your soul.  Could be a shopping spree, a quiet room with a good book, a spa day....or a box of chocolates you buy for yourself.  Whatever it is, do it!

Bachelor in Paradise is a meat market.  'Nuff said.

I believe in ghosts.  Yes, I do!  I've seen them with my own eyes.  I've seen them while in the presence of another person that I trust (my mother).  However, I don't believe they are necessarily evil like the tv shows depict.  I've never once had an encounter where the ghost was evil.  They were simply there.  And most of them looked very similar to this picture - a solid white mist. The ones I saw were actually less transparent than this.  They were more solid but still misty. Although, the ghost in my parent's house is a solid black mist.  

So, these are some of the things I believe.  I would love to know what yours are!


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