Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Girl Scout Camping

Girl Scouting is a HUGE part of our lives.  I have been a Girl Scout leader since my older daughters (now in their 20s) were in 4th grade!  Now, our youngest daughter (and last child) is in Scouts. 
This past weekend, my troop went on their first camping trip together.  Some girls had experience with camping already by going on family camping trips.  For others, though, this was their first time camping at all.
Girl Scouts is all about safety so there is a progression that girls and leaders must follow before they get to primitive tent camping.  The first step is "cabin" camping which is what we did here.
We're off!  A few of the girls and me as we struck out for our weekend adventures. 

Don't think guys can be Girl Scout leaders?  Think again!  "Army" makes a great Girl Scout leader and he's man enough to do it!  Here, he's teaching the girls (and leaders) about finding their "pace count" before showing them how to use compass skills to find their way.
During our outdoor lessons, the girls discovered this baby box turtle.    They named him Snappy!

We had an awesome Camp Ranger who taught the girls about growing foods, sustainable energy sources, and raising animals like chickens and pigs.  Here, he's showing them the difference between fresh eggs and those bought at the grocery store.

Girl Scouting is about learning new skills and camping is no different!  The girls are required to plan their own menus for the weekend, cook it, serve it, and clean up afterwards.  Here, this patrol is preparing our Friday night dinner of hot dogs, french fries, and fruit salad.

The last day.  The rain held off until we were packing up on Sunday morning!  With everyone dressed in their rain gear, we packed it up and headed home.  The leaders were exhausted!


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