Sunday, July 10, 2011

Michele Bachmann

By now everyone has probably heard that we have a female running for the GOP nomination for President.  I'm really of two minds about this.  One the one hand, it is a very symbolic move in favor of womens' rights and equality.  But, who is this woman?  I'm busily doing research on her to find out what she stands for and if she's honest in her dealings.  So far, I've seen commentaries both ways.

It may surprise you to know that she is not the first woman to run for President of the United States.  From my brief research, Victoria Woodhull in 1872 was the first woman to run.  Shirley Chisholm was the first black woman elected to Congress and ran for President in 1972.  Her slogan was "unbought and unbossed" (you go girl!).  Many of the women who have thrown in their hat were from parties other than the two major ones, Republicans and Democrats (I've never heard of the Looking Back Party or the Peace and Freedom Party).  And, of course, the most recent from the Democratic party was Hilary Clinton in 2008 who lost the Democratic nomination - and we all know who she lost to.

So, my question to you is:  How do you feel about the possibility of a woman becoming president?  Do you think she would do a good job with issues such as foreign relations and being Commander in Chief?  Would she bring a different element to the position through her "womanhood-ness"?  Could she do it?

I look forward to your thoughts!


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