Thursday, July 7, 2011
This is the next step for me. I'll be heading to start my Bachelor's degree at Brenau University this fall. I'm a little apprehensive because, so far, I've been able to concentrate solely on my education, but this fall I hope to have a full time job again, after many years of being out of the work force and raising children.

I recently graduated with an Associate degree in Criminal Justice from a technical college. I've proved to myself that I'm certainly not the student I was in high school - and let me tell you, that's a GOOD thing! I graduated with top honors. (yes, I'm tooting my own horn, here)

So, here's to all the moms out there who chose to raise their children first (although I still have a 6 year old and two teenage daughters at home) and pursue education and/or career later. Here's to all the non-traditional students who juggle work, family, and school and still manage to make it all work somehow. Hats off to you!

Here I go!
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