Monday, July 25, 2011

New Me Challenge

The New Me Challenge is more than just a challenge.  The purpose is for those of us who want to shed some pounds to help support each other through weekly posts and comments.  But it's more than just support for weight loss.  It's about committing to living a healthier lifestyle.

I'm no fitness expert or dietician. I'm simply a woman who, like so many others, wants to lose weight and feel better about herself.  I want to be able to look in the mirror without cringing but more than that, I want and need to make the change into a lifestyle.  After having open heart surgery a year ago, I made a commitment to myself to lead a healthier lifestyle.  But I haven't always followed that.  I need accountability and support from those who understand and are in the same boat.

So, the goal for the New Me Challenge is for us to support and encourage each other.  If you'd like to join the club, grab the button on my sidebar, post it on your blog.  Our "weigh-in" posts will be on Fridays.  You don't need to post your weight if you're not comfortable with that, but you can post things like your progress, your pitfalls, your goals,etc.

Let's get to it, girls!

Be Happy, Be Healthy!


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